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Give your business staffing flexibility in the face of increasing labor-related regulatory costs.
Use Your Existing Tools! Few businesses use even a fraction of the capabilities of their tools.
Projects and clients of any size from startup to enterprise are welcome.


What is Process Automation?

Process automation takes the repetitive tasks you pay people to do manually and transforms them into scripted processes that a smaller staff can do in far less time.

Why Automate Processes?

Give your business staffing flexibility in the face of increasing labor-related regulatory costs. Handle increased workload with your existing staff or remain productive during unfortunate periods of staff reduction. Automating your processes drives consistency and accuracy. It is also faster and easier to train newly hired or multi-tasking staff members to perform automated tasks.

Leverage Your Existing Tools

Few businesses use even a fraction of the capabilities of their tools. Process automation uses your existing tools like Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and Word. Leverage what you already have to the fullest extent.


What are Automated Workflows?

Every business has processes that involve a sequence of steps that different people perform. Automated workflows leverage Microsoft SharePoint to define and control these workflows.

Why Automate Workflows?

Without automation your workflows are only as good as the people who handle them. If everybody knows what to do and when to do it and never misses a beat your workflows will go smoothly. But this is rarely the case. Tasks do not get completed. People fail to notify the next person in the chain. Things get put on the back burner.

By automating your workflows so that they are handled online SharePoint oversees which tasks each of your staff members has to do next and whether or not they are completed on time. Do you want to know if a new price sheet was completed and posted or if it got "lost in process". Do you need to make sure commissions are paid on a timely manner? Do you have regulatory compliance filing requirements that must be completed by certain deadlines?

If the answer to any of these or similar questions is 'yes' then you need BrightBow to automate your workflows.


BrightBow can implement a performance management service that you can use to monitor and analyze your business. We will help you accomplish this by providing flexible and easy-to-use tools for building dashboards, scorecards, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Individuals across your organization will be able to make informed business decisions that align with companywide objectives and strategy.
The services BrightBow will implement let you create rich dashboards, aggregating content from multiple sources and displaying it in a web browser in an understandable and collaborative environment. The rich interactivity of the dashboards lets you analyze the latest information and work with the data quickly and easily to identify key opportunities and trends. You can display key performance indicators (KPIs) and data visualizations in the form of scorecards, analytic reports, and filters. You can create scorecards that bring together data from multiple data sources to track and monitor key drivers of your business.
Dashboards can now be viewed and interacted with on iPad devices that are using the Safari web browser.


All businesses work with documents and records like resumes, press releases, price sheets, expense claims, patient records, legal documents, promotional materials, and many others.

Keeping these organized is necessary, challenging, and often a matter of regulatory compliance.

  • Are all your price sheets updated?
  • Are you complying with court orders to retain documents?
  • Have you retired old promotional materials?
  • Are you reviewing expense claims in a timely fashion?

If you can't answer these or similar questions about the documents your business keeps then you need BrightBow to implement a modern Record Center.

Keeping documents in folders on people's computers is not enough. A BrightBow implemented Record Center can help you keep documents from getting "lost" or held up in process by automatically implementing them into your workflows. You can enforce their retention cycles or categorize them for easier search and retrieval. Control the structure and content of documents and more.

Keep it Together!

Group documents of different types. You might keep all the functional specifications, project plans, and user-interface mockups for a new software title in a set. Or keep the blueprints, contracts, maps, and market analysis for a new store location in a set.


BrightBow does development. We offer collaborative development for the Microsoft SharePoint platform, for Apple devices including the iPad, iPhone, and the Mac, and we do web development.

iPhone, iPad, and Mac Development

If you need an app developed for an Apple product BrightBow can help you with coding, publishing to the App Store, and even early conceptualization. BrightBow can also help you develop an Apple based application for you business to use internally. Meet your businesses unique mobile computing needs by developing just the application you need.

Web Development

Does your business need a website or does the one you have need to be upgraded? BrightBow can help. BrightBow can also integrate other services such as shopping carts, Twitter or blog feeds, or data sources such as SQL or Oracle. We can also help with things like domain registration and setting up email.

BrightBow can develop websites using Microsoft's .Net framework or we can develop PHP sites to run on Apache servers.